10 Tips For Aspiring Franchisors


10 Tips For Aspiring Franchisors

Want to take your franchise to the next level? When it comes to any sort of sale, whether it may be of merchandise or even franchising, there are surely some tips that you can keep in mind. If you’re a franchisor who is looking for these tips, then keep on reading.

1. Your Brand is Key

There is no doubt that the key to a successful franchise is in the brand. The image of your brand is what will attract all of your potential franchisees. The best thing that you can do for your brand is to define it, make sure that it’s consistent in all activities, and ensure that it is protected.


2. Ensure your business is franchiseable

With all the varying business models, there is no doubt that some business models may not be the best-suited ones for franchising. You should always consult with a franchise consultant to ensure that your brand is franchisable. You should also do test runs of your own to make sure that you’re prepared for every obstacle.


3. Ensure your business is ready to go to market with your franchise opportunity

It’s not just you who should look the part, but your franchise pack should also be well prepared. If it looks the part, it will ensure your credibility as a franchisor. The pack should include all of your contractual documents, such as your franchise contract, recruitment materials, and more.


4. Consider how you will attract franchisees

Part of becoming a successful franchisor is to attract the ideal franchisees. One way to do this is by getting a membership in one of the Franchise Associations. This will get your name on the map of the franchising world and enhance your profile.


5. Don’t mislead franchisees on the opportunity

All of the literature on your recruitment and marketing campaigns should be completely accurate. A discrepancy between the reality and your claim will bring a lot of trouble, with the franchisees and the advertising standards authorities.


6. Your legal contract needs to be watertight

When constructing your franchising contract you mustn’t entirely ringfence how exposed you are to risk. You must protect yourself against any regulatory body that may come at you.


7. Timely Actions

To be a successful franchisor, you must take timely actions. This also applies to when a franchisee has become insolvent. If you don’t contact the appropriate authorities, you could risk losing all of your supplies.


8. Reliability

In any business, it is vital for you to surround yourself with reliable people. In franchising, to protect yourself from any threat of poaching, make sure that all of your contracts are reliable.


9. Expansion Plans

If you aspire to expand your franchise overseas, you must plan for it from the beginning. One thing to consider in the planning process is whether your model and opportunity would work in other countries and cultures.


10. Always Plan An Exit Strategy

You should always know what your endgame is, as you must use that to structure your exit strategy.


Once you keep all of these tips on your fingertips during the franchising process, there is no stopping you. Becoming a successful franchisor is within your reach, all you have to do is utilise these tips, in your decisions.



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