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Are you struggling with franchise recruitment due to a lack of time?

Are you stuck in a bit of a rut with it and don’t know what to do?

I can help. Whether you’d like to fully outsource this area of your business to an expert or simply need some support to get it back on track.

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We've worked with many consultants and experts in the franchise industry and few rival Andy. He's hardworking, smart, positive and brimming with integrity. His knowledge of franchising will help make your franchise a huge success.
Andy was a great asset to our planning process. His experience ensured he was able to integrate our key USPs as a kids' coding club franchise with sound advice and robust modelling. He's also great to work with!

Let's talk. Learn how I can help drive your franchise recruitment

Every franchise recruitment strategy needs three things

1. Story and content – people relate to stories, it helps create emotional resonance and consistent content about anything related to your business and spun for a franchise promotion angle is important. The franchise business that focus’ more on content marketing and telling their story will win. And you have to be consistent!

2. Lead generation tactics – you’ll need goals, a budget and a strategy. Once you start generating leads, you’ll find out how many you need to convert one into a franchisee and then you can review and iterate your goals, budget and strategy again. When you’ve got the franchise recruitment machine working lead generation becomes easy to understand and repeat.

3. Funnel management – you’d be surprised how many well established franchise business’ actually have poor funnel and lead management in place. So, if you can get this bit right to ensure you drive the process forward, franchise sales will happen. Using a simple CRM system can be helpful. Perhaps you have access and invested in a more automated and complex system for your needs. Either way, finding what works for your business is key.

The Four Keys to Franchise Recruitment Success

1. Strategy and goals

You’ll need to put time aside to set some goals and targets for your business if you haven’t already. These need to be specific and something both realistic and challenging at the same time. Once you have goals, you’ll need to look at how you will go about reaching them. What content have you got currently, what budget have you got to generate leads, what method of lead management will take place and what are the steps and process for driving this forward. It won’t drive itself!

2. A realistic budget

You won’t generate leads without some investment in marketing activities. The same can also be said of the cost for someone to manage recruitment, whether that be your team of an outsourced expert. If you have experience generating leads previously, you may already know or be able to gather data to help define a realistic budget. If not you may need to commit to some trial and error to see what channels work best for your business.

3. Strong Process

Without a plan in place to generate leads, follow them up and drive the process of securing them as a franchisees, you will struggle to grow the network. You also must understand that some leads generated won’t actually want to interact with you immediately and may not be ready to commit to taking on a franchise in the near future. It’s not uncommon for some leads to come back a year or so later and declare their interest again so have a process to follow and don’t give up on leads until they’ve declared they no longer hold an interest.

4. Focus

I cannot say enough, if you have a to split your working week across numerous business areas (or even numerous businesses) and try to manage this as and when you can, it won’t work. Not as well as it can. You need to dedicate your time and focus to franchise recruitment to get the results. This is where outsourcing may become appealing.

Andy has been a great sounding-board for us at a key stage of developing our international franchise offer. He’s equally adept at looking at the big picture and the small print. He quickly understood what we’re trying to do, and was able to advise from the first meeting. His combination of plain speaking and commercial nous have helped us enourmously.
Andrew Stephen
CEO, Sustainable Restaurant Association
I would highly recommend working with Andy. From the moment he approached my business partner and I, Andy was helpful, professional, highly skilled and driven to help us succeed. He was brilliant in showing us the potential that franchising our fledging business could bring, before we even realised it! Following on from the end of our first project together I now feel our business, Prima Dance Academy, is in a fantastic place and he has given us all the tools we need to launch a successful franchise. I look forward to continuing our work with Andy and taking Prima Dance Academy, as a franchise business, from strength to strength.
Matt Williams
Director, Prima Dance

Let's talk. Learn how I can help drive your franchise recruitment

andy georgiou franchise business consultant

I love nothing more than helping franchise brands grow and recruiting franchisees is a fundamental aspect of that growth. Let’s see if we can realise your franchise business potential.


Franchise consultant

Andy has been absolutely fantastic in helping me to prepare my business for franchise. He's extremely knowledgable about all elements of the franchise world - something I previously knew nothing about. I certainly couldn't have done it without him. The information and advice that he's given have been invaluable to the business as a whole. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering the franchise route!
Tabby Booth
Founder, Cygnets Art School
Andy has an excellent understanding of managing franchise networks, how to franchise a business and what it takes to grow an emerging brand. He is a consummate professional and I'm sure anyone that has had the pleasure of working with him would agree, he offers extraordinary input and value, as well as being an honest and down to earth guy. For anyone seeking advice and support on anything franchise related, I would highly recommend him.
Nigel Short
Managing Director, besley & copp

Outsourced Franchise Recruitment?

Outsourced franchise recruitment is where you essentially take on someone to handle, focus and drive that side of the business. Using a Franchise Consultant to do this is often a good choice. They know how to drive the process, they have experience in dealing with different types of leads and save you significant time getting people to meetings and signing agreements.

So, how does it work usually?


This is where we review where you currently are with your franchise recruitment.  We set some smart targets and figure out the best point of attack. We also see if we need more materials and put together a budget and plan to start recruiting franchisees.


You will not be able to secure franchisees and hit targets without a healthy supply of leads. Once we’ve figured out who your ideal franchisee is and where they likely hang out, we’ll start getting the opportunity in front of them

3. lead management

Once the leads start flowing in, they’ll need to be managed using a CRM system of some kind. Through a process of phone calls, emails, question answering, application forms and more, we’ll get each qualified lead to meet you.


Once they’ve formally applied for a franchise, they’ll need to meet the Franchisor in person to find out more on the opportunity. This can be one-to-one or in a group setting. This is carried out by the Franchisor’s team.


Once they’ve met with you, and both parties are happy to proceed, the legal agreement will be sent for them to review. Should they have questions, these will be answered swiftly with a view to signing and booking them in for training.


Once payment has been taken and legals signed, a simple handover to the Franchisor’s team to start the process of booking them in for training and any formal onboarding processes begin.

When you outsource, the majority of the above is taken care of. The only time it is critical for you be heavily involved and lead on is the Meeting & Discovery Day stage where you and your team would typically lead the meetings. I’ll help you with this and will aim to attend if required. However as you will be the one working with them ongoing it’s critical you feel confident in their ability to be a franchisee for your brand.

Let's talk. Learn how I can help drive your franchise recruitment

Andy gave us great advice on how to build upon our pilot franchise network. This included reviewing our Manuals, Recruitment Strategy, Training Plans and general information on how to better streamline processes. I'd highly recommend him.
franchise recruitment
Adam Reynolds
Director, Springfit
Andy ran our franchising project and we were really impressed by his professional attitude, but more importantly he really cared about our business. His knowledge regarding the franchising world was excellent and he always gave advice that was well considered and has continued to make us think about things in different ways. I believe that anyone starting a project with Andy gets excellent value for money and his meetings gave us motivation to keep working hard at our dream to franchise the business.
Laura Skilton
Founder, Baby Squids

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I find franchisees?

There are lots of ways to recruit franchisees, which we will go through in lots of detail during the strategy meeting with the best methods for your model discussed. Generally, I’d always recommend having an ‘Opportunity Website’ which you drive traffic to.  This can be through content marketing, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, online directories and other methods. Once you start driving potential franchisees to your website, following some simple steps and a proven process you’ll soon start engaging with qualified and interested leads.


What materials or content do I need?

You’ll ideally have a ‘Opportunity Website’, an Information Pack they can download and a presentation to show them at a meeting or Discovery Day. Any other ongoing content marketing is a bonus.

The materials need to be professional, well designed and offer value to people interested in your franchise. Remember, if you are in a congested market and competing against others then you need to be able to ‘rise above the noise’. Strong content plays a key part in this.

How much should I budget for franchise recruitment?

This is quite a difficult question to answer unless you’ve franchise recruited before and have data to hand to understand your ROI on channels, cost per lead, cost per buyer etc. There is usually an element of trial and error to start with while we find exactly where your ideal franchisees are. You will need to be comfortably spending some money on marketing the franchise in order to test different methods. Once we find what is working, start converting leads into franchisees, it’s much easier to know how much to budget going forward linked to your targets.

Do I really need an 'Opportunity Website'?

My short answer is, ‘Yes’ absolutely, but like anything it’s up to you.

The issue with having just one page dedicated to it on your main consumer website is that’s it’s simply not enough information (research suggests potential franchisees want at least 30mins + of information/video to digest before they even contact you). The other issue is that the people visiting your main consumer site are not your ideal franchisee/’reader’, so targeting them through just one site in 2020, isn’t best practice.

How much does outsourced franchise recruitment cost?

I charge a monthly retainer fee to manage your franchise recruitment + % commission on each successful franchise sale. There are no lengthy contracts involved, so you would just need to give 30 days notice to cancel the arrangement if you decide to start managing it in-house or stop recruiting altogether.

Typically if you hired a Franchise Sales Manager, you’d be looking at a minimum yearly salary of £25k base + commission so it’s a relatively small cost to outsource in comparison. 

Contact Us to find out more information.

What if I just want support to get going?

That’s absolutely fine too. We’d just need to come to an arrangement with exactly what it is you need and how I can help either a one-off meeting or multiple.

The key to my work with clients is getting them where they need to be so they can hit their targets and goals. If that is just a matter of being an outside set of eyes to offer some initial guidance, then I’d love to help and support you in this way.

Our experience of working with Andy was overwhelmingly positive. He clearly knows his stuff. He was able to fill the knowledge gaps and provide the missing pieces, enabling us to move forward with our plans to launch Franchises nationwide. Having an experienced franchise consultant to work with gave us the confidence to review our strengths and weaknesses, refocus and restructure. Andy is professional, thorough, candid and amiable. A pleasure to work with.
Bruce Harrison
Director, Technokids
I have been contemplating franchising my business for the past two years but did not have the knowledge or know how of where to start. Andy has helped us get to a stage where we are ready to go to market with our franchise model. He made it easy to understand and a less daunting process! He easily broke down the entire process into bite size chunks where we worked together to develop the right model for us. He offers great value for money, is always there if you have any questions or need help and is very accommodating. For anyone thinking of franchising, I would not hesitate to recommend Andy.
Ashley Thomas
Director, Skillz UK

Let's talk. Learn how I can help drive your franchise recruitment