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Have you just launched your franchise and need support navigating the challenges of franchising?

Are you looking for a professional speaker to talk at your event??

Whether you’re an early stage, emerging or well-established Franchisor, you’ll need to commit to continuously improving your brand and support for franchisees. Maybe some outside input would be helpful.

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We've worked with many consultants and experts in the franchise industry and few rival Andy. He's hardworking, smart, positive and brimming with integrity. His knowledge of franchising will help make your franchise a huge success.
Colin Bradford
Founder, Magical Maths Franchise
Andy was a great asset to our planning process. His experience ensured he was able to integrate our key USPs as a kids' coding club franchise with sound advice and robust modelling. He's also great to work with!
rumbi mama codes franchise your business
Rumbi Pfende
COO, Mama.Codes

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There's a few things I do to help Franchisors

1. Recruitment of Franchisees – you can find out lots more about this service and offering on the Franchise Recruitment page, but as a snapshot I offer outsourced franchise recruitment support where I help you define and execute a strategy and grow your franchise network.

2. Franchisor Coaching – if you’re looking to take your business to another level then you’ll need to set yourself some goals and hold yourself accountable. That’s easier said than done when you have a mountain of tasks to complete. I offer a monthly support service, where we discuss over a phone or video call how the business is tracking, where are the problem areas and what are the solutions. We’ll set goals and I’ll hold you accountable throughout, helping you stay focused and driving your business in the right direction.

3. Speaking – if you’re currently looking for a professional, engaging and inspiring speaker at your next franchise conference or event, I’d love to be a part of it. It’s always a challenge keeping attendees engaging and focused throughout the day, so having an experienced speaker to add important value and a new perspective can be hugely valuable. It can also be very useful to have an outside voice echoing key messages you want to convey to your network

4. Events and more – from time to time, I run webinars and in-person events for Franchisors often in aid of charity. Get in touch to find out what I’m up to and how you can get involved.

I also offer one-off consultancy meetings for any particular issues, strategies or planning needs you may require support with. This is often a really simple, affordable way of getting professional advice at an affordable cost.
Andy has been a great sounding-board for us at a key stage of developing our international franchise offer. He’s equally adept at looking at the big picture and the small print. He quickly understood what we’re trying to do, and was able to advise from the first meeting. His combination of plain speaking and commercial nous have helped us enourmously.
Andrew Stephen
CEO, Sustainable Restaurant Association
I would highly recommend working with Andy. From the moment he approached my business partner and I, Andy was helpful, professional, highly skilled and driven to help us succeed. He was brilliant in showing us the potential that franchising our fledging business could bring, before we even realised it! Following on from the end of our first project together I now feel our business, Prima Dance Academy, is in a fantastic place and he has given us all the tools we need to launch a successful franchise. I look forward to continuing our work with Andy and taking Prima Dance Academy, as a franchise business, from strength to strength.
Matt Williams
Director, Prima Dance

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andy georgiou franchise business consultant

If you’re not sure exactly what you need or you do but you’re not sure I can help; reach out to me. I’d love to support you if I can and if I can’t, I’ll almost certainly know someone else who can.

Franchise consultant

Andy has been absolutely fantastic in helping me to prepare my business for franchise. He's extremely knowledgable about all elements of the franchise world - something I previously knew nothing about - and I certainly couldn't have done it without him. The information and advice that he's given have been invaluable to the business as a whole. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering the franchise route!
Tabby Booth
Founder, Cygnets Art School
Andy has an excellent understanding of managing franchise networks, how to franchise a business and what it takes to grow an emerging brand. He is a consummate professional and I'm sure anyone that has had the pleasure of working with him would agree, he offers extraordinary input and value, as well as being an honest and down to earth guy. For anyone seeking advice and support on anything franchise related, I would highly recommend him.
Nigel Short
Managing Director, besley & copp

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Andy gave us great advice on how to build upon our pilot franchise network, including reviewing our Operations Manual, Recruitment Strategy, Training Plans and general information on how to better streamline processes. I'd highly recommend him.
franchise recruitment
Adam Reynolds
Director, Springfit
Andy ran our franchising project and we were really impressed by his professional attitude, but more importantly he really cared about where the business was going and how we were going to get there. His knowledge regarding the franchising world was excellent and he always gave advice that was well considered and has continued to make us think about things in different ways. I believe that anyone starting a project with Andy gets excellent value for money and his meetings gave us motivation to keep working hard at our dream to franchise the business.
Laura Skilton
Founder, Baby Squids
Our experience of working with Andy was overwhelmingly positive. He clearly knows his stuff - he was able to fill the knowledge gaps and provide the missing pieces, enabling us to move forward with our plans to launch Franchises nationwide. Having an experienced franchise consultant to work with gave us the confidence to review our strengths and weaknesses, refocus and restructure. Andy is professional, thorough, candid and amiable. A pleasure to work with.
Bruce Harrison
Director, Technokids
I have been contemplating franchising my business for the past two years but did not have the knowledge or know how of where to start. Andy has helped us get to a stage where we are ready to go to market with our franchise model, making it an easy to understand and a less daunting process! He easily broke down the entire process into bite size chunks where we worked together to develop the right model for us. He offers great value for money, is always there if you have any questions or need help and is very accommodating. For anyone thinking of franchising, i would not hesitate to recommend Andy and his process of preparing you for this exciting adventure!
Ashley Thomas
Director, Skillz UK

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