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Franchise Support Services

It’s widely acknowledged that the very best business leaders across sectors utilise outside support and advice regularly; Franchisors are no different.

To be a successful Franchisor, you’ll need to wear many hats often in the same working day! One of the tricky aspects of the role is being able to soundboard ideas and consider new approaches if you work alone or only have a small team you work with. If this is the case and you find yourself stuck in a pickle and need some advice, coaching support could be just what you need.

Maybe you don’t need that kind of support, but you do think having an experienced speaker at your event to run a session for franchisees would be useful. If you’ve ever run your own event for franchisees, you’ll know that simply having another voice to listen to can be enough to break up the day for attendees! If so, let’s chat about my speaking services.

Franchising can be a wonderful route to business growth, but like anything it comes with it’s own unique challenges. This is where outside support from an experienced head can be highly valuable.

Whether you’re an early stage, emerging or well-established Franchisor, you’ll need to commit to continuously improving your brand and support for franchisees.
Maybe some outside input would be helpful.

 From an operations perspective, having Andy’s advice and support whenever we need it has been fantastic. He understands the growing pains we have experienced and has helped guide us as we navigate various challenges. We’ve certainly benefited from the advice he has offered and he’s always offered honest informed opinions about our ideas and processes, which has really helped us when making key decisions.

Eve McBrinn


Need someone to lead a workshop, speak at your event, run a webinar, review your operations manual or simply someone to coach you through your business challenges? Great – get in touch. I’d love to help


how i help franchisors

Recruitment of Franchisees

You can find out lots more about this service and offering on the Franchise Recruitment page, but as a snapshot I offer outsourced franchise recruitment support where I help you define and execute a strategy and grow your franchise network.

Franchisor Coaching

If you’re looking to take your business to another level then you’ll need to set yourself some goals and hold yourself accountable. That’s easier said than done when you have a mountain of tasks to complete. I offer a monthly support service, where we discuss over a phone or video call how the business is tracking, where are the problem areas and what are the solutions. We’ll set goals and I’ll hold you accountable throughout, helping you stay focused and driving your business in the right direction.


If you’re currently looking for a professional, engaging and inspiring speaker at your next franchise conference or event, I’d love to be a part of it. It’s always a challenge keeping attendees engaging and focused throughout the day, so having an experienced speaker to add important value and a new perspective can be hugely valuable. It can also be very useful to have an outside voice echoing key messages you want to convey to your network

Events and More

From time to time, I run webinars and in-person events for Franchisors often in aid of charity. Get in touch to find out what I’m up to and how you can get involved.

I also offer one-off consultancy meetings for any particular issues, strategies or planning needs you may require support with. This is often a really simple, affordable way of getting professional advice at an affordable cost.

 Andy was a great asset to our planning process. His experience ensured he was able to integrate our key USPs as a kids’ coding club franchise with sound advice and robust modelling. He’s also great to work with!



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