Andy ran our franchising project and we were really impressed by his professional attitude, but more importantly he really cared about where the business was going and how we were going to get there. His knowledge regarding the franchising world was excellent and he always gave advice that was well considered and has continued to make us think about things in different ways. I believe that anyone starting a project with Andy gets excellent value for money and his meetings gave us motivation to keep working hard at our dream to franchise the business.

Laura Skilton

Founder, Baby Squids

We’ve worked with many consultants and experts in the franchise industry and few rival Andy. He’s hardworking, smart, positive and brimming with integrity. His knowledge of franchising will help make your franchise a huge success.

Colin Bradford

Founder, Magical Maths Franchise

Andy has been a great sounding-board for us at a key stage of developing our international franchise offer. He’s equally adept at looking at the big picture and the small print. He quickly understood what we’re trying to do, and was able to advise from the first meeting. His combination of plain speaking and commercial nous have helped us enourmously.



Andy was a great asset to our planning process. His experience ensured he was able to integrate our key USPs as a kids’ coding club franchise with sound advice and robust modelling. He’s also great to work with!


COO, mama.codes

Andy has been absolutely fantastic in helping me to prepare my business for franchise. He’s extremely knowledgable about all elements of the franchise world – something I previously knew nothing about – and I certainly couldn’t have done it without him.

The information and advice that he’s given have been invaluable to the business as a whole. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering the franchise route!

Tabby Booth

Director, Cygnets Art School

If you’re thinking about Franchising or looking to grow your existing Franchise business it is well worth talking to Andy, especially if you are in the very crowded Kids’ activity market. Andy has years of direct experience & knowledge of franchising.
He offers clear, concise and practical advice based on your current business position and aspirations. After a lot of research, years of planning and heading down several blind (& expensive) alleys it was a relief & pleasure to meet Andy. He took the time to understand our business model and we worked together to create a well thought out, straightforward and actionable plan to get Little Wickets where it should be.

There are lots of franchise consultants out there, some demanding ridiculous amounts even without the industry knowledge, so choose wisely. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy if you’re looking for someone with genuine practical hands-on experience and who understands what a realistic budget is.



I have been contemplating franchising my business for the past two years but did not have the knowledge or know how of where to start. Andy has helped us get to a stage where we are ready to go to market with our franchise model, making it an easy to understand and a less daunting process!

He easily broke down the entire process into bite size chunks where we worked together to develop the right model for us. He offers great value for money, is always there if you have any questions or need help and is very accommodating.

For anyone thinking of franchising, i would not hesitate to recommend Andy and his process of preparing you for this exciting adventure!

Ashley Thomas

Managing Director, Skillz UK

I would highly recommend working with Andy. From the moment he approached my business partner and I, Andy was helpful, professional, highly skilled and driven to help us succeed. He was brilliant in showing us the potential that franchising our fledging business could bring, before we even realised it!
Following on from the end of our first project together I now feel our business, Prima Dance Academy, is in a fantastic place and he has given us all the tools we need to launch a successful franchise.
I look forward to continuing our work with Andy and taking Prima Dance Academy, as a franchise business, from strength to strength.
Matt Williams

Director, Prima Dance Academy

Andy has an excellent understanding of managing franchise networks, how to franchise a business and what it takes to grow an emerging brand.

He is a consummate professional and I’m sure anyone that has had the pleasure of working with him would agree, he offers extraordinary input and value, as well as being an honest and down to earth guy.

For anyone seeking advice and support on anything franchise related, I would highly recommend him.

Nigel Short

Managing Director, Besley and Copp

My first impressions of Andy was that he was a very qualified professional who knew his stuff! And boy was I right. Andy is extremely experienced in the children’s activities sector and has given me invaluable advice and support in my first year of being a franchisor. What I think makes Andy really good to work with is the way he comes across very down to earth and extremely approachable. No ask is too much he goes over and beyond to help. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone either looking to franchise their business or even an experienced franchisor needing advice or recommendations into their franchise. I just wish I had met Andy earlier in my franchise journey!!
Victoria Jennings

Founder & Franchisor, Bloom Baby Classes

Andy gave us great advice on how to build upon our pilot franchise network, including reviewing our Operations Manual, Recruitment Strategy, Training Plans and general information on how to better streamline processes.

I’d highly recommend him.

Adam Reynolds

Director, Springfit

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Andy for the past few months. At such a critical stage of growth in our business, we’ve really found his support to be invaluable. He’s very skilled at listening to our business challenges and suggesting solutions as well as offering advice on franchising best practice. He also spoke to our network of franchisees and senior staff at an annual training event and was extremely well received by all.

He spoke passionately and professionally about high performance in franchising and this we know will stand our network in very good stead moving forward. We look forward to continuing our work together and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services.

Sean Conlon

CEO, We Make Footballers

I had some really strong early success with my business and it got to a point where if I wanted to continue growing, franchising was my best option of getting my brand in front of my people and developing my business asset.

Andy came highly recommended and his experience of not only franchising but the children’s activity and sporting sectors was just what I needed. His project was simple but thorough, and while we worked together on all aspects, he took away much of the pressure while I continued running my business which was key.

I whole heartedly recommend Andy to anyone looking to franchise their business, he’s been priceless at this stage of my business journey.

Richard King

Managing Director, Late Birthday Project

Andy has equipped me with everything I need to take my small business to the next level and embark on expanding into a successful franchise. He has exceptional knowledge and gave me the confidence I needed to take the leap into franchising.

He’s a dream to work with and his support has continued well beyond our course of meetings – nothing is too much trouble, so glad I discovered him!

Sarah Frow

Founder, The Kids' Table

I’d highly recommend Andy if you are considering franchising your business. He was a great support in the early stages of preparing my business for entering the franchising industry and his experience and know how was invaluable in offering sound advice.

I wouldn’t hesitate working with him again in the future.

Katie Moore

Founder, The Little Dance Academy

I met Andy through a recommendation from someone else that had completed the franchise process with him. From the outset I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Andy has been diligent, punctual and thorough with every stage of the project and has met me in person for the 6 meetings and has always promptly answered any questions between meetings. I would highly recommend Andy as a franchise consultant.
Helen Richards

Director, The Little Calm Company

My business was at a key moment of growth. We had become well established locally with a growing reputation but we wanted to take the brand onto a whole new level and felt franchising was a trusted path to that within our industry. Andy was great from the very first contact. Always adding value and I’m really pleased we chose to work with him as it’s been a simple and enjoyable process, which we couldn’t have done ourselves. We knew really quite little about franchising beforehand, but with Andy’s support and project, it’s not only prepared our business for growth but also our understanding and mindset towards how to get it to that next level. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him.
Kally Peigne

Founder, Betty Bloom Dance

The meeting that I had with Andy was highly beneficial. It was very helpful and insightful to have someone so experienced in this industry to enable me to step out of my business and look back into it, and I feel I’ve gained a lot of clarity and some achievable goals.

I’ve actually slept better since the meeting too, which reinforces for me how it must have helped. A very worthwhile investment into my business and also my wellbeing!

Jennifer Mushumani

Franchisee, Debutots

I would highly recommend working with Andy on franchising your business, he has made the whole franchising process simple and straight forward. I found Andy through recommendation and it is clear to see why he is so highly regarded. I would recommend in a heartbeat.
Lauren Prentice

Founder, Nutritional Ninjas

It’s been great to work with Andy on our initial franchising plans. He’s highly knowledgeable about the children’s sector and has taken great care in guiding us through the process. He’s been thorough in helping us to develop the model, including all the potential challenges, and has thoughtfully helped us to develop a plan which makes the most of our potential to grow. His insights are practical and ‘real world’, and it’s clear his insights are driven by real experience. He’s helped to give us the confidence in taking our ideas further and establishing our first franchise pilot.

We’re looking forward to the next steps of our journey with his support and really couldn’t recommend him enough to any business looking to expand through franchising.

Donna Bamford

Co-Founder, Sparks Film & Media Arts

From an operations perspective, having Andy’s advice and support whenever we need it has been fantastic. He understands the growing pains we have experienced and has helped guide us as we navigate various challenges. We’ve certainly benefited from the advice he has offered and he’s always offered honest informed opinions about our ideas and processes, which has really helped us when making key decisions.
Eve McBrinn

Head of Operations, We Make Footballers

We had established a really popular brand and profitable business locally when we decided to launch across the UK and licensing seemed like the best option. Andy was always professional and diligent while working with us and really understood our goals and plans for the future which was critical in ensuring we developed the right model and strategy to build on our initial success. He’s always tried to go above and beyond in his support and we are confident the advice given will hold us in good stead moving forward.

We would highly recommend Andy to anyone looking at franchising their business or in need of help taking their business to the next level.

Dean Penn

Co-Founder, BARTA Theatre Academy

I approached Andy with quite a unique business concept I have, which I wanted to turn into an international licensed brand. After trademarking my business, I felt at a crossroads with how I should approach the next stage of development but with Andy’s knowledge and guidance it really allowed me to focus my time and energy in the right place and put me on track to achieving my goals of launching the licence. I’m delighted to be working with Andy and if you are considering licensing your business and growing through that method, you should absolutely chat to him first and see how he can help you take things to the next level.
Sonal Uberoi

Founder, Spa Sommelier

We were recommended to Andy by a friend who had successfully used him to franchise their business. Getting quotes in excess of £25,000 from “big name” suppliers seemed crazy, and the charges from Andy were a fraction of this. We couldn’t have asked for better service, knowledge and experience support. Our relationship continues now and Andy’s level of ongoing support is exceptional. Highly recommended!
Paul Barrett

Director, Green Fox Cleaning

I have worked with Andy for several months now to franchise my business and I can highly recommend him! Andy is very knowledgable and has offered good advice, he has guided me through the confusing process of getting everything ready to sell my first franchise in a very straightforward and easy to understand way – without it being overwhelming. He is happy to answer any questions and always does what he says he will. If you are thinking of franchising then definitely get in touch with Andy!
Joanne Budden

Director, Leapfrog Sports

Our experience of working with Andy was overwhelmingly positive. He clearly knows his stuff – he was able to fill the knowledge gaps and provide the missing pieces, enabling us to move forward with our plans to launch Franchises nationwide.

Having an experienced franchise consultant to work with gave us the confidence to review our strengths and weaknesses, refocus and restructure.

Andy is professional, thorough, candid and amiable. A pleasure to work with.

Bruce Harrison

Managing Director, Technokids Franchise

Andy has been absolutely brilliant to work with. There is no way I could have got my business anywhere near ready to franchise if it wasn’t for his expertise and support.

Andy is extremely professional and he acts as a mentor as well as a consultant. You get the feeling he really cares about the project and wants you to succeed. He’s so encouraging and pushes you just far enough beyond your comfort zone to achieve what you need to make your franchise dream into a reality. Having been in the children’s activity sector himself, he understands all the little details and difficulties that one might face so is best placed to offer advice. I have been very grateful for all Andy’s advice along the way. I have sent him many e mails with my queries outside of our meeting times and he always answers questions thoroughly with excellent responses. I know that I can continue to ask him questions on this franchise journey and can trust his answers and suggestions.

I think Andy offers excellent value for money. If anyone is on the verge of thinking they can do this on their own, I would strongly advise your investment in Andy instead because it is an investment for your business and your future.



During the first 6 weeks of COVID-19, Andy’s knowledge was incredibly valuable to my customers. I needed help and after hearing so many positive comments from our clients about Andy, we organised some webinars and have not looked back since. My clients were so grateful for the advice given and they all gave raving reviews. I work with around 2,500 children’s activity providers and knew exactly what we needed to deliver in order to help them…and Andy delivered two 10/10 webinars.

If you’re in the franchise or children’s activity sector, I would strongly recommend speaking with Andy. When the chips were down, Andy quickly adapted and helped many of our clients and for that I will always be very grateful!!



Andy spoke at our 2020 Drama Tots franchise conference. His talk was informative, engaging and most importantly 100% relevant to our business. The communication leading up to the event was fantastic, he tailored everything to our requirements and it was a highlight of our conference.

Feedback from our franchisees includes:

“Andy’s insight into how to appeal to potential customers and keep them was hugely beneficial. As a parent and also having worked in the children’s activities industry it was really interesting to hear his experience.”

“Andy’s talk was very good as he was not only an activity provider himself but also he is a parent which gave such a useful insight. He asked some really open questions which we were able to find the answer to as Drama Tots. The drawing activity was a nice touch and allowed us to see how we all share a common vision of what we provide. We were able to discuss points, ask questions and he was happy for us to interact.”

Thank you Andy. Highly recommended.



Andy has a strong reputation in our sector and after hearing him speak at other events, we were really keen to work with him.

We asked him to deliver an online talk around branding, customer experience and planning for the future to our babyballet franchise network of 80+ franchisees and it was a huge success. Our network found it extremely informative and practical in terms of how they individually, and we as a group, continue to move the business forward. I would highly recommend Andy to other Franchisors looking for an engaging speaker and to anyone considering franchising their business, you absolutely have to speak to him.